By Dave From Paleohacks
Creator of the Paleohacks Cookbook

Did you know that most of what you hear about paleo is flat out WRONG? No other lifestyle has gotten HALF as much attention from the media in the past few years. But lies and misinformation are covering up a lot of things that make paleo great.

Sadly, a lot of people are buying into these MYTHS. It keeps them from giving paleo a fair shot. It leaves them spinning their wheels—frustrated and unhealthy.

But don’t you think you deserve to know the truth? Especially when your health is at stake?

Let’s separate FACT from FICTION. Here are 5 things almost everyone gets wrong about Paleo.

1. “Paleo is a Fad Diet”

One of the silliest ideas is that paleo is “just another fad diet.”

You’ve seen the South Beach Diet, the Zone Diet, and countless others get popular then fade away over the years. So you might be skeptical about the next new thing.

But paleo isn’t a diet. It’s a framework (based on what your ancestors ate) designed to help you make the best food choices. There’s flexibility… and room to tweak it just for you.

It isn’t a “fad” either.

How could it be, when our ancestors ate this way for THOUSANDS of years?

If people in the media did more research, they’d see that paleo is the opposite of a fad diet.

2. Paleo is Too Expensive

What if paleo sounds nice… but you just don’t think you can afford it?

I see where you’re coming from. Buying organic vegetables and grass-fed beef is pricier than buying the usual stuff…

But you know what else is pricey?

Doctors’ and hospital bills!

Eating paleo costs more than picking up fast food every day because it’s an INVESTMENT in your health.

Sure, you pay a bit more upfront than you do for processed foods. But that investment pays off. You get more energy. You stay out of the doctor’s office. You get a better life.

3. “Paleo Is Too Strict”

“I could never give up bread!”

“But I love cheese…”

These are the things you hear from skeptics who think paleo is too strict to try.

But no two “paleo diets” are the exact same. You can be as strict (or flexible) as you want to be.

Some paleos avoid all grains and dairy products. Others aren’t afraid to eat rice or put cream in their coffee.

A lot of people get caught up on the foods paleo doesn’t recommend… instead of all the delicious foods they do get to eat.

Yes, you should probably give up pasta and bread. But isn’t it nice to be able to eat bacon, eggs, and steak instead?/p>

Paleo ISN’T about taking the fun out of eating; it’s about making the best choices for your health and still enjoying your food.

4. “You Don’t Get Enough Fiber”

Government organizations, doctors, and even TV commercials are constantly telling you to eat more fiber…

And most of them say GRAINS are the best way to get it.

So it might throw you for a loop when you find out they aren’t a part of the Paleo lifestyle.

Without grains, how do you get enough fiber?

Paleo offers plenty of ways to get the fiber you need.

Eating plants is all it takes to get more than enough. Eating fruits, nuts, and seeds (all paleo-friendly) gives you plenty of fiber—without the harmful effects of grains!

5.” Paleo Is a Low-Carb Diet”

You might think paleo is “just another low-carb diet.”

You’ve already seen the Atkins diet and countless others…

Those come off as gimmicky ways to lose weight. You might wonder if they’re even healthy.

But paleo isn’t really a “diet” at all. It’s a healthy framework to follow; you can change it to fit your own needs…

Paleo CAN be low-carb if you want it to be. A lot of people—especially people who aren’t very active—do well eating that way.

But paleo doesn’t have to be low carb. Plenty of people do better with more carbs in their diet, so they just eat more fruits and starchy vegetables. That doesn’t keep them from living the paleo lifestyle.

Building a Healthier You — One Meal at a Time

Paleo is everywhere you look.

Some of the attention’s been good. Some of it (driven by myths about what paleo really is) has been bad.

Now that you know the TRUTH…

There’s no better way to experience it than trying it out yourself!

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